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Benefits Of Hiring A Business Lawyer In Ottawa, Ontario

If you’re a small business in the Ottawa, Ontario area then you can greatly benefit from the legal services of Smutylo Law where complex situations are handled with care and the mission objective is always long-term success.

There are many reasons why you or your business may be in need of legal assistance and it is always better to be informed in order to make the right decision.

One of the main reasons for seeking legal help is litigation.  These lawsuits typically occur when two or more parties require the courts to settle a dispute.  An experienced litigation lawyer is able to assist you in preparing documents and presenting them during proceedings.  One should never go into a lawsuit without having a concrete plan of action and that’s exactly what litigation attorneys specialize in.

Unfortunately, sometimes disputes occur in business practices and cannot be solved by much simpler mediation, negotiations or arbitration.  If this has happened to you, a litigation lawyer is essential.  Acting as your representative for your institution or organization in a wide variety of cases such as complex contracts, financial audits, professional business relationships, investigations, torts or class actions.  Going into these situations without the necessary knowledge can be like shooting yourself in the foot.  Often extremely complex, litigation cases are rarely cut and dry and many businesses don’t even know what their rights are.  A business attorney is able to simplify and create a plan that will help your business receive justice.  Government regulations, restrictions and guidelines are often strict and force corporations to abide by them.  Failure to abide often results in steep fines or other serious repercussions.  The thing is, that businesses are meant to follow all applicable regulations, but those regulations are often vague and confusing.  How can your business ensure it is on the straight and narrow?  Making use of a business lawyer to explain all matters and suggest a viable course of action.

This is no different in real estate law, wrongful termination law, estate planning, technology law, tax law or franchise law.  There are many fine points to keep on top of and most business owners will be hard pressed to find the time to fully understand the situation they are in.  Every business has had the need to address at least one of these topics in the course of operation.

Business lawyers can help protect your personal and businesses assets no matter the size of your business.  This is especially crucial if your business is being sued and finances are at stake.  It is prudent practice not to wait until the summons to court is received but take action the moment something becomes different.

The law can seem like a labyrinth maze, in that one never knows which way to turn or how to extricate ones business from a bad situation.

Whether your business is large or small, the experienced lawyers at Smutylo Law are here to help.  The team has the experience needed to help any business in any situation and has connections to outsource consultants in specialized fields. In the arena of law, reputation and the track record is everything to a law firm and Smutylo Law is a standout performer.  Their specialties include business law, technology law, franchise law, software law, workers compensation law, helping with estate planning and they are also known as the premiere tax law attorneys Ottawa, Ontario.

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Resolving Partnership Disputes Effectively

The biggest issue when partnership disputes occur is that it takes away the central focus of business owners which is running the company in order to make profits. In order to effectively resolve partnership disputes, let us examine the factors that would usually be used as basis for a prompt resolution. Starting with corporate documents and operating agreements, these things need to be checked for quality and thoroughness. Next is the value of every partner to the business itself. We also have to consider the personalities of every partner and lastly, we need to consider the effectiveness of legal counsel.

Resolving Partnership Disputes Effectively

When you think about it, if you prevent a partnership dispute from happening in the first place, there would be no issue of finding a resolution for a partnership dispute. Several small businesses and partnerships are LLCs or Limited Liability Corporations, meaning they must have corporate documents and comprehensive operating agreements addressing the issues such as the role of every partner, how income and profits are distributed, the capital contributions, the valuation of a business interest in the event of bankruptcy, incapacitation, divorce, or death of one of the principles, how the company will be sold or ended, as well as how a company should bring in new investment.

Going back to the corporate documents and operating agreements, these should contain ways to handle challenges such as potential disputes that may arise and how these things will be resolved. It is important to note that any details and legal strategies found in these corporate documents can effectively help in preventing partnership disputes before they arise, as well as aid the partners should these undesirable circumstances occur for quick resolution. Such agreements and strategies are best crafted during a time when everyone concerned in the business operations are happily working together and calm reason exists. These issues need to be addressed from the start in order to avoid any emotional and complex disputes in addition to the processes that need to be followed for resolution and decision-making.

Partnership disputes characteristically have some personal components to it which affects the relationship of the parties involved and bears influencein the scope and course of the dispute. Several business partners are close friends. Even family members go into business as partners. Thesevery personal relationships must be acknowledged and managed effectively, so when a partnership dispute happens, a resolution can take place quickly.

An experienced San Jose Business Litigation Lawyer can help clients deal with emotions associated with a partnership dispute and shift the concentration to core issues at hand. Your lawyer needs to be able to understand the personalities of the parties, as well as their business strengths and weaknesses in addition to the roles they play in the ongoing success of the business. This is where managing personalities need to be factored in to resolve any partnership disputes since these can greatly impact the efficiency and quality of the ultimate settlement.

In resolving partnership disputes, your lawyer can use several legal strategies. People’s mindsets are typically set to the idea that attorneys simply go to Court and charge exorbitant fees and that they have to go through so much legal complexities. It is truly not how it works. Lawyers also take into great consideration what their client’s goals and objectives are for the partnership dispute then also weigh in the time and expense. A negotiation between parties is the fastest and least expensive option when it comes to resolving a partnership dispute. A good lawyer knows how to foster a positive and productive working atmosphere around the dispute, while pursuing your personal interests and protecting it. You don’t have to go into a full lawsuit immediately while mediation and arbitration can be done. Should the your case end up in Court, be sure that you have the help of an experienced business litigation lawyer with the legal expertise and a track record of successful trial verdictsto represent you.

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Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney?

You have been hurt in some way and are attempting to file a claim with your insurance company, but you feel like they are giving you the run around and not wanting to pay your claim. You wonder is it just you? Maybe they are right and you’re not entitled to any money or help. Maybe your plan doesn’t cover your injury.


Unfortunately, you may be dealing with a bad faith insurance claim – also called unfair insurance claim practices. This may happen when an insurance company will unreasonably withhold your policy benefits.

Lake City and Gainesville, Florida Insurance Claims
If you feel this is happing to you, it is wise to speak with an attorney who can deal with the insurance company for you, and make sure you given everything your policy states is owed to you.

Insurance companies owe each policy holder a duty of “good faith and fair dealings”, when the company violates this good faith dealings, then the insured person may sue the company on both a breach of contract and a tort claim. The tort claim is what allows punitive damages that are usually unavailable in the breach of contract suit.

According to the Legal Dictionary, punitive damages are “Monetary compensation awarded to an injured party that goes beyond that which is necessary to compensate the individual for losses and that is intended to punish the wrongdoer”.

Do you have a claim for damages for a personal Injury Claim in Lake City or Gainesville, Florida? 
Some examples which may give reason for a lawsuit against an insurance company are:

  • Attempting to settle a claim for less than the amount of what the insured is entitled to, or lead to believe is entitled to based on written material
  • Delaying payment or investigation by requiring the insured or the physician to submit a preliminary claim report then requiring the insured or the physician to submit a formal proof of loss form, both contain about the same information – this may be used as a stall tactic
  • Attempting to settle the claim on an application that was altered without the insured person’s notice, knowledge, or consent
  • Refusing to pay the claim without conducting a reasonable investigation
  • Misrepresenting facts or provisions relating to coverage
  • Failing to confirm or deny a claim within a reasonable amount of time after proof of loss statements has been filed

If you feel your insurance company is not abiding by the good faith and fair dealings duty, then contact Koonlegal and Personal Injury Attorney Travis Koon. We have worked with insurance companies many times in the past, and if necessary, we can deal with them in court.

You do not deserve to be mistreated by these companies; you have already been through enough drama and injury to have to deal with their misgivings as well.

At , Personal Injury Attorney Travis Koon, is a trained and skilled attorney that will assess your situation and argue on your behalf.

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Legal CRM Significantly Reduces Cost And Increase Profitability For Legal Professionals

Legal-CRM-significantly“We are led by lawyers who do not understand either technology or balance sheets” Thomas Friedman

Legal digitalization or paper less law firm is dream for legal professionals. Data structuring and data gathering is a daily task, legal professionals drive hard to survive and reach the peak of growing economy. Legal CRM is designed with main objective to associate relevant client data in structured manner and benefits legal professional to achieve highest level of client satisfaction, generate recurring orders and more referrals business

If lawyers can better manage client relationships and customer associated information, they’ll benefit from happier customers, repeat business, and referrals. Legal CRM Software should aim for single goal; making lawyer’s hectic day easier so they focus on productive tasks to overall increases law firms performance and profitability. On a single platform, entire staff and legal practitioners can effectively manage all their activities in web-based CRM customized for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms.

Significance of Legal CRM.
If lawyers can better manage client relationships and associated information, they’ll benefit from happier customers, repeat business, and referrals. Legal CRM Software is aimed for single goal; making lawyer’s hectic day easier so they shall focus on productive tasks that overall increases firms performance and profitability. On a single platform, entire staff and legal practitioners can effectively manage all their activities in web-based CRM designed only for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms.

Having a dashboard view of current case load as well as ability to see historical information quickly can make big difference on productivity levels. It takes just a few keystrokes and a matter of drag and drop to continually keep your dashboard current and those few keystrokes shall result in an exponential amount of streamlining.


Legal CRM Elements
Besides the basics – like case management, contacts organizing, time entries, billing, invoices and activity scheduling; a good legal CRM should include additional modules such as intellectual property management, campaigns management, marketing automation and advanced reporting.
A customer portal and web interface along with mobile access for both lawyer and clients will be most powerful, integration with Outlook for emails and calendar for activity planning is a must. A manual legal CRM consist of papers in manilla folders in boxes on shelves in a large warehouse area. An automated system keeps all the information – plus more in a organized database on cloud or private server which is accessed anytime, anywhere. FyNSiS is a group of experts with immense knowledge & experience in SuiteCRM implementation for different verticals.

Is There A System That Offers Everything Mentioned?
Yes! A great Legal CRM that includes everything listed, plus a whole lot more is offered by FyNSiS Legal CRM – delivering everything a law firm needs to maintain and improve client relationship.

It’s a niche system designed to organize clients and cases in SuiteCRM to gain 360 degree clients view from anywhere, anytime. It automates internal communication and enhances firm productivity. SuiteCRM is built on opensource platforms (Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL) most widely used and proven technologies available today.

FyNSiS deliver nothing but ROI on every penny spent on technology. Excited to learn more ! Just submit your demo request to get free access to Legal CRM for Lawyers and Law Firms.

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