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What You Should Know About Your Personal Injury Case!

Your life can change in an instant from the simple negligence of others. It takes a knowledgeable, professional team to fight for the compensation you deserve, and to know what you are truly entitled to.

Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC will help you get your life back together.

gavel600x210Do not settle property damage claims or bodily injury claims with insurance companies without first consulting experienced personal injury lawyers. Call the law office of Geoffrey T. Einhorn for a free initial consultation at (203) 269-1665.

If you are injured seek immediate medical attention and follow your doctor’s advice. Then, call an attorney.

Do not withhold any information from your attorney. All communications with him/her are privileged and confidential.

Do not make any statements to or sign any releases with an insurance company until you first consult with an attorney. The law office of Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC will provide professional advice on all such matters.

Do no talk to anyone other than immediate family about your case at any time until your case is settled.

If you have been seriously injured because of someone else’s negligence, contact Geoffrey T. Einhorn, LLC immediately. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to prepare a strong case on your behalf.

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Do you need a Personal Injury Attorney?

You have been hurt in some way and are attempting to file a claim with your insurance company, but you feel like they are giving you the run around and not wanting to pay your claim. You wonder is it just you? Maybe they are right and you’re not entitled to any money or help. Maybe your plan doesn’t cover your injury.


Unfortunately, you may be dealing with a bad faith insurance claim – also called unfair insurance claim practices. This may happen when an insurance company will unreasonably withhold your policy benefits.

Lake City and Gainesville, Florida Insurance Claims
If you feel this is happing to you, it is wise to speak with an attorney who can deal with the insurance company for you, and make sure you given everything your policy states is owed to you.

Insurance companies owe each policy holder a duty of “good faith and fair dealings”, when the company violates this good faith dealings, then the insured person may sue the company on both a breach of contract and a tort claim. The tort claim is what allows punitive damages that are usually unavailable in the breach of contract suit.

According to the Legal Dictionary, punitive damages are “Monetary compensation awarded to an injured party that goes beyond that which is necessary to compensate the individual for losses and that is intended to punish the wrongdoer”.

Do you have a claim for damages for a personal Injury Claim in Lake City or Gainesville, Florida? 
Some examples which may give reason for a lawsuit against an insurance company are:

  • Attempting to settle a claim for less than the amount of what the insured is entitled to, or lead to believe is entitled to based on written material
  • Delaying payment or investigation by requiring the insured or the physician to submit a preliminary claim report then requiring the insured or the physician to submit a formal proof of loss form, both contain about the same information – this may be used as a stall tactic
  • Attempting to settle the claim on an application that was altered without the insured person’s notice, knowledge, or consent
  • Refusing to pay the claim without conducting a reasonable investigation
  • Misrepresenting facts or provisions relating to coverage
  • Failing to confirm or deny a claim within a reasonable amount of time after proof of loss statements has been filed

If you feel your insurance company is not abiding by the good faith and fair dealings duty, then contact Koonlegal and Personal Injury Attorney Travis Koon. We have worked with insurance companies many times in the past, and if necessary, we can deal with them in court.

You do not deserve to be mistreated by these companies; you have already been through enough drama and injury to have to deal with their misgivings as well.

At , Personal Injury Attorney Travis Koon, is a trained and skilled attorney that will assess your situation and argue on your behalf.

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What to Look for in Personal Injury Lawyers

It is critical that you discover right personal injury lawyers so they research your cases with a specific end goal to acquire your entitled compensation. Since there are numerous such legal advisors and firms, it may appear to be hard to locate the right one. Here are a couple of vital tips to help you.

An Attorney With Heart

The first thing to contemplate is the experience of the lawyer. Keep in mind the experience the lawyer has in evaluating and examining cases. An accomplished lawyer will know where and what to pay special mind to and its significance to change the course of your case. Enlisting somebody without experience is a danger which you are willing to take. It is best to ask with the lawyer in regards to comparative cases they have taken care of and what has been their success rate.

The second point to pay special mind to is the reputation of the personal injury lawyer that you are considering to contract. A lawyer’s reputation can have a considerable measure of effect while determining your case as it will have an impact over the insurance agencies, different lawyers and court frameworks with whom they have managed already. The reputation of the lawyer gives an increased value to the case. Try securing a top law firm with descent reputation. For instance – if you are in San Antonio TX, you can consult Villarreal and Begum Law Group to discuss your case.

While different viewpoints are imperative, a great many people have a tendency to overlook an essential component – personality. While it appears to be irrelevant the truth of the matter is that a decent lawyer with a decent personality adds weightage to the case and he will likewise know how to explore through the happenings.

Look out for the online presence of the lawyer. The virtual foot prints of the lawyer’s firm will give you a great deal of data with respect to the way in which they do their business. Right from their site to their Facebook page, you will gather in a lot of information about them which help you to focus in on the lawyer.

On the off chance that you have made a list of potential lawyers, you can request a meeting which most reputed personal injury lawyers, like Alex Begum, offer for free. It is amid this time when they will listen to the case and make proposals. Amid this visit you can assess the lawyer and their staff and in addition their resources. On the off chance that you think they have the capacity to handle your case properly and that they have the right information, then you can contract them for your case.

It may appear like a ton of work to recognize the good ones, but it will all be justified, despite all the trouble as you will need the best one on your case. Hence, look into the above pointers when you go about looking for a personal injury lawyers.

The lawyers at Ng Sidhu Law specialize in personal injury law in lower mainland BC.

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