Divorce Coaching: 3 Things It Does For A Client

When you’re getting married, it takes months of planning and arranging. It takes a lot of money as well. A wedding planner may work best for setting you up on your way down the aisle.

Likewise, a divorce coach will help when the marriage crumbles, Lord forbid. Divorces can be costly in both time and money as well, and a divorce coach helps take care of things. But how? What does a divorce coach do to help?

Not only will a divorce take a toll on your finances and time in general, but it’ll also be tough emotionally. You’re potentially losing a house, your possessions, and figuring out (hopefully) how to share time with your kids or pets. A divorce coach in the room can help keep emotions relatively in check and offer a shoulder for clients on either side of the ‘war’ when one is needed. This is because a divorce coach is supposed to remain unbiased.

But what other things can they do to help? Depending on the coach’s background, whether they worked in law or counseling or even finances, they may be more helpful depending on your situation. But there are a few things certified divorce coaches are capable of.

First, a divorce coach can help with pre-legal advice in order to keep lawyer costs down. The less you need a lawyer, the better.

However it should be pointed out that divorce attorneys will be needed in the courtroom. What’s great though, is that many divorce attorneys actually praise divorce coaches for helping the clients with support and finding a way to keep the clients fair and balanced, and civil towards one another. Let’s face it, exes, whether man or woman, are not having an easy time through divorce.

A divorce coach charges quite a bit less for their time than a lawyer will. But it’s important to remember that the advice you receive is not to be considered as legal advice. That’s up to the divorce attorneys to doll out.

Secondly, and re-emphasizing a divorce coach’s support, they are there for you on either side.

A marriage often leads to new friendships. These friendships can become complicated during divorces. After all, friends you’ve made may feel a certain obligation to be loyal to your partner if they knew your partner first. On top of that, your closer friends as well as family may want you to stick through the marriage, no matter how bad it may actually be.

A divorce coach will let you vent but instead of leaving it at that, they will offer advice and guidance towards a way out of the situation.

As great as a divorce coach may seem, remember they still charge per hour.

Finally, a divorce coach will be able to recommend ways for you to keep your paperwork all up to date and organized. They may advise using software or services elsewhere. Otherwise, the divorce coach could also take care of this for you.

Any of this may add up to thousands of dollars spent, but a divorce coach’s advice can be much more valuable. And using divorce coaching as much as possible means you’re likely to spend three or four times LESS than if you needed an attorney all the way through your divorce.

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