Do You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

There are a lot of do-it-yourself bankruptcy blogs today that give people everything they allegedly need to know about filing bankruptcy without a lawyer.  They certainly provide links to downloadable documents and eBooks which can help someone to prepare, but what they don’t always do sufficiently is to remind petitioners of the dangers of filling out the forms incorrectly before presenting them to the court.  Do you need a South Jersey bankruptcy lawyer?  Yes, unfortunately you do.


Don’t Be Deterred By What You Think It Will Cost To Hire An Attorney
If you are stuck in debt, about to lose your home or car—bankruptcy can be the answer.  There are a lot of advantages to bankruptcy, and legal fees should not the factor that prevents you from having that fresh start and lingering in your circumstances.   A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can certainly help to not only rid you of debt, but also depending on the route keep you in your home and vehicle.  For example, a Chapter 13 (debt consolidation bankruptcy) will consolidate the debt burden and adjust it in a way that allows you to reboot your finances and get your life back on track.  It stops creditors from calling or garnishments of your wages, and removes stress from your life.  With a Chapter 13 the legal fees can even be rolled up into debt as your lawyer becomes a creditor and is paid by the trust.

Many Ways To Pay For A Bankruptcy
Many South Jersey lawyers will also have payment plans for bankruptcy cases and if the bankruptcy is something as easy as a Chapter 7, it will also be cheaper and more affordable.  Some individuals have chosen to pay for their bankruptcy lawyer with their tax refund, while others have used yard sales and other creative events to pay the attorney’s fees.  In general, however, a Chapter 7 is straight forward enough to not accrue high costs and most lawyers will have a fairly low flat fee to finish the case.

Bankruptcy gives people a fresh start and enables individuals and families to get out from under the burden of debt so that they can get their life back together.  Credit scores immediately get higher because the debt is erased.  There are even people who have been able to buy a home with court approval during a Chapter 13.  Your life doesn’t end because you filed for bankruptcy.  In fact, it is a new beginning.

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